The joy of productivity

What time I had this weekend that was not spent ferrying children to-and-fro, maintaining my yard, grilling steaks for Mother's Day dinner and otherwise acting hyper-kinetic was spent adding discussion forums to My Kid's Library.  I had managed to put together the data models during the week, but other than that, I was starting from virtually zero code when I began to work on the new feature on Friday afternoon.

I worked whenever I could sit down at my computer for five minutes.  I would implement a method in a controller here, I would slap together HTML there...I'm not sure that I could accurately gauge how much total time I spent working on it, but it couldn't have amounted to more than four hours.  However, as of Monday morning, I have fully-functional, reasonably-attractive, usable discussion forums.  Don't go looking for them quite yet on the public site, as the code changes haven't been published, but they will be quite soon.

That I was able to create a significant amount of functionality in very limited time and with a pleasingly-small amount of code is a testament to Ruby on Rails.  It does what it does well. Very well.  It continues to impress and surprise me even now, a year-or-more since I started using it to develop a live, working web site.  I still have a little bit of the happy buzz that comes along with completing a major feature in a piece of software, and that feeling comes in the wake of a couple of days that didn't see me sitting at the computer for any extended length of time at all.  Crazy.  Awesome.

Thanks for the buzz, Rails.