Still learning, still liking

I'm continuing to work on this blog software, and I am learning a lot about AppEngine, Python and Django.  I used Django's include function to refactor the rendering of posts.  That removed some code duplication.  Got to love that.  I feel like I've already done a full day's work, and it's only 10:30!

My inclination is next to look at extending Python's WSGIHandler further to make it more MVC-like.  I'd never paid much attention to that design pattern before I started using Ruby on Rails, but I'm quite addicted to it now, and doing the extra work -- and admittedly, it's not that much -- to do it the AppEngine way irks me.  I've already taken a step in that direction, subclassing RequestHandler to do all the work of creating a path to the appropriate template file and passing it to the render method, but I know that there's a lot more to do.  I also feel like I could refactor the handling of the dictionary that passes values to the template to reduce the repititious setting of values that happens in each handler.