Please, somebody talk me out of this

I'm strongly mulling the idea of building an IDE tailored for creating AppEngine applications.  I'd start with Scintilla.NET for the text-editing component, add as much Intellisense-like help for Python code as I could manage and hook it up to a debugger and the GAE development web server.

Now, there are plenty of IDEs that will help you write Python.  I have been using Komodo Edit, and it does a lot of things very well, but it did not enable me to do source-level debugging, and I just gotta have that.  MUST HAVE.  Developing any other way is painful and unproductive and horribly inefficient.  It's difficult enough to write in a dynamically-typed language, using both a language and a framework that have cringe-worthy documentation (that includes you, Django), but to have to rely on logs to debug you code makes it too painful for serious projects.

However, I'm so impressed with the upside of Google AppEngine , and I'm so sure that it is going to be a meaningful and important web platform, I'm considering taking yet another iron and jamming it into my already-sputtering-and-nearly-out fire.  This thing is absolutely going to be a part of my professional life, so investing some time and energy into making it more reasonable to use seems like it just might be wise.

But please, somebody, talk me out of this.

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