Live at Last!

Learning to create Google App Engine applications via building this simple blog has been hugely fun and not just a little bit frustrating.  Many, many thanks to Google's Marzia for so diligently helping me to figure out the missing piece that kept me from being able to upload this code.

I've come away from the experience feeling very enthusiastic about App Engine.  It's not going to replace Ruby on Rails as my web development platform of choice, but I have to admit that GAE makes it very, very easy to quickly build and deploy an application.  I managed to become a pretty competant Python programmer in just a few days, and I know enough about Django to build a small web application that observes the DRY principle.

I became very frustrated that Django is a whole seperate language unto itself, so I had to learn Python and Django.  I suppose that I have become spolied by Rails, which allows me to write the logic, data and presentation layers in one language.  It's so simple, beautiful and elegant.

That's not neccesarily an argument against GAE, which it seems is going to support multiple language and frameworks as it matures.  The combination of Ruby on Rails's power with Google's essentially infinite scalability would be a mighty and compelling thing.

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