AppEngine/Go Knowledge Resources

I have been spending a great many evenings working on a web application that will -- some day -- run on AppEngine's Go runtime. Go is a wonderful language, and programming with it is fun in a way that is increasingly uncommon. Still, it is a very new language and good references are rare. Useful documentation for the AppEngine/Go platform is even hard to come by; the so-called "Reference" for the Go interface to the datastore is little more than a few simple examples and a trivial list of API calls. It's disappointing, frustrating and unproductive.

Fortunately, the web is full of smart people who are willing to go out of their ways to share what they have learned, and I am gradually discovering all of them. I will be listing them here for my own reference as well as making the discovery process less difficult for my fellows.

Ugorji Nwoke's Blog is full of great ideas and thoughts about AppEngine/Go and AppEngine as a platform generally. Very smart, interesting guy.

Miek Gieben's Learning Go isn't specifically about AppEngine, but it is an invaluable reference for the GO language.

GoLang Tutorials has some very valuable guides for obtaining a better mastery of Go. If you find yourself feeling a bit confused by something that Go does a little differently than other programming languages (like interfaces) you may well find a well-written and informative post here that will clear the way for you.


So, it is a meager collection at the moment, but I will be adding to it every chance that I get. Also, I hope to be making my own blog a useful resource, as I have a couple of good techniques and ideas that I have come up with while working on my project.

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