Another release -- this time with all new tags!

I've just uploaded another release of my blog software, and this time it has TAGS!  Tags, of course, are clickable links, and you can use them to search for all posts that also have the given tag.  Cool, I think.

I'm rather proud of the fact that I wrote the tagging-related classes to be completely transportable to anyone else's Google AppEngine code, and integrating this functionality is as easy as making the taggable class a super-class of any Model class.

I'll update this entry once I have release the tagging code as a Google Code open source project.  I might see if I can run it by someone who is a more experienced Pythonista, so I can get a quick sanity check.  I'm just the tiniest bit nervous that while my code might be valid Python, it might not observe common idioms of the language.

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